Tuesday, 17 February 2015

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One of the wonderful outcomes of attending and speaking at conferences is the meeting of like-minds, the chance to listen to the ideas and stories of others, to see and hear about their arts practice and to put faces to the names you have only managed to read about.

Last week I caught up with several people I met at the Cultural Threads symposium the week before including Dr Lycia Trouton, a conceptual installation artist I first met in Canberra when she exhibited the Linen Memorial at Craft ACT. It was great to re-connect over a meal and get to know one another a little more.
I also managed to have lunch with Dr Sarah Rhodes, a designer, jeweller and consultant who is currently working at the University of London.  Sarah gave a wonderful presentation at the conference and her chapter in the Cultural Threads book explores the question of ownership in contemporary textile imagery in Southern Africa. She is currently working at the University of the Arts London, London College of Fashion, but also has a range of jewellery she has designed selling in TopShop, Whistles and House of Fraser.
On Sunday afternoon I took the bus to Peckham to visit the Studio of another artist in the Cultural Threads book, Francoise Dupre.
Francoise Dupre in her studio with recently finished work
Francoise was looking particularly happy because she had just finished the work she was standing behind.  Her studio is in a large building complex called SPACE studios in Peckham. SPACE is a leading visual arts organisation providing creative workspace, advocacy, support and promotion of innovation.   They run 18 artist studio buildings across 7 London boroughs, supporting 700 artists with studios and another 700 with professional development. And....there is no time limit on the studio lease!! Amazing.
We then went out for a great Indian meal nearby and during our conversation Francoise told me that she had done an arts residency in Darwin several years ago and had visited both Maningrida and the Tiwi Islands as part of her research.

Earlier in the day I took myself on a public art walk down Brick Lane, so to finish this post off I have some eye candy here for you, just a select few of the hundreds of street art to be found up the streets and alleys criss-crossing Brick Lane.

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