Monday, 27 April 2015

Migrations Exhibition Dublin

As a follow-on from the Cultural Threads: Transnational Textiles Today book launch and symposium that I attended in London earlier this year, Jessica Hemmings has included several of my works in an exhibition, Migrations,  that opens at the National College of Art in Dublin in two days time. If you are in the vicinity, please find this invitation to the opening.

The portability of textiles - the ease with which they move around the globe- and their hybrid position within the worlds of craft, design and art make them particularly apt carriers of culture.  Alongside this portability is the reality that the textile often exists as a multiple.  While versions roam, others stay closer to home.  

Migrations travels throughout 2015 (America, Ireland, Australia) and explores the notion of textiles as carriers of multiple cultural influences put forth in the accompanying publication Cultural Threads: transnational textiles today  (Boomsbury: 2015). Brought together are contemporary artists, designers and an author who all work at the intersection of cultures and use multiple, portable textiles as their vehicle.
Jessica Hemmings curator of Migrations & editor of Cultural Threads

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