Tuesday, 21 March 2017


The first of my three indigo workshops will start this weekend - An introduction to Organic Indigo vats and shibori. This workshop will give a great grounding on how to set up and care for your own indigo vat in the future.  No harmful chemicals so safe to use with children as well! There are two places left if you are interested!

My workshops will be at the Campbell Scout Hall, and I am often asked why I don't run workshops at the studio I have been renting at Pialligo for the last ten years.  Apart from only having one small sink with water access, the photo below may give you another reason why! The bins in the photos are actually my two indigo vats I have been caring for - one for nearly two years and the other just over 6 months.
'Russell' the snake - perhaps he wants to learn indigo dyeing...


  1. Well did you have to post that photo just to freak me out

  2. No lessons with 'Russel' thanks!
    Thought you might find this interesting Julie... on knitting with indigo cotton https://tomofholland.com/2017/03/05/extreme-slow-fashion/