Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Winter Markets @ the Canberra Glassworks

This Saturday afternoon, the Canberra Glass works will be holding Glass 2015: Winter Glass Market from 4-11pm to celebrate 100 years of the Kingston Power House, and I have been invited to have a stall selling my textiles....But wait...!??? If it is a Glass market, why was I invited to sell textiles??

Because this year I have been selected as one of the Glassworks GLINT (Glass and Print) residents for 2015!! This is an exciting residency for me that starts in August and continues for 6 weeks.  Three glass artists will collaborate with three print artists utilising the joint venues and workshops of the Glassworks and Megalo.

Although I am a textile artist predominantly, my mixed media exhibitions have always managed to include some aspect of glass....whether it is the etched scientific watch-glasses found in Generate, the glass-covered sticks and the glass-fibre nets of transgenesis, or even my digitally printed bus shelter in Allinga Street in Domain 2007, I am keen to learn more about the medium of glass and the techniques of digitally printing and screen printing onto this non-textile substrate. So bring it on! I have a great project in mind for this residency, so stay tuned to see the outcome.  I will keep up a regular blog during my GLINT residency so you can enjoy it too!

I hope to see you at the Glass 2015 Winter market this Saturday night because there will be free entry, market stalls, live music, lucky dip and lucky door prizes, Winter glow garden, make your own glass, silent auctions of glass by renowned makers as well as hot food and cool drinks!

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  1. Hi Julie, I'm really looking forward to the GLINT Residency. Sorry we didn't get to connect much at the market, it was so busy I couldn't see your stall for most of the night. See you in August!